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Contour & Highlight Powder Makeup Kit - Shade 1

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Contouring has never been so easy, with this fabulous contour & highlight makeup kit.  This compact kit comes with 2 shades, a darker shade to sculpt your contour and a light pearly highlight, to make those cheeks pop. 

This contour and highlight kit is powder based, making it even easier to apply, eliminating any complex blending, and with only 2 steps, you are minutes away  from achieving your celebrity inspired look.

Sophisticatedly designed, with luxury quality, this compact comes fitted with a mirror, so you can apply or top up your contour and glow anywhere.

For a more flawless look, use the LAVA JAI  Makeup Brush Set, which includes brushes for contouring & highlighting. 

This contour and highlight kit is suitable for different skin types.

Shade 1  comes with a peachy pearl highlight, ideal for medium skin tones, or if you prefer a darker contour.

Contour - Highlight - Glamourise 


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