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Beautiful Clear Skin - Rice Water Toner

Rice has great nutritional value for the body. It provides instant energy, stabilises blood sugar as well as providing a source of Vitamin B1, to maintain a healthy nervous system. 

But it is equally beneficial for your skin!  

Skin Benefits:

  • Cleanses, Tones & Brightens Skin
  • Reduces Acne & Shrinks Pores 
  • Aids With Skin Inflammation
  • Gives More Youthful Appearance To Skin 

Rice Water In 3 Simple Steps


Wash a handful of rice, removing any impurities. Boil rice until cooked.  Strain rice water out into a bowl and let it cool. 

Step 2

Pour the rice water into a bottle and refridgerate.

Optional: Top up your bottle with 1/4 of Rose Water. This adds a lovely fragrance and helps rid your skin of dirt and impurities.

Step 3

Using a cotton pad apply the rice water to your face. Apply in the morning and before bed.

Note:  Make sure the rice water is refrigerated and use within 5 days.  

Skin Benefits For Him and Her

Ideal for Men to help control excessive oil, remove dirt, & reduce pores, to get smoother, clearer skin

Ideal for women to help control oily skin, while hydrating the skin. Also acts as a fantastic face primer, creating a smooth base for your foundation.

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