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Eyebrow Makeup - Product Review

Brow Makeup Review

Have you spent years tweezing your brows and suddenly realised that the no longer grow back? This is really upsetting when you see the likes of Gigi Hadid looking fabulous with thick defined brows.

Not everyone wants brows that thick, but most people do want the ability to change their brows to what makes them comfortable.
There are so many products on the market and it can get confusing choosing the right product. I have reviewed a number of products and wanted to share with you my thoughts:

• Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Gel
The semi-permanent eyebrow gel I found was ideal if you just want to fill in your existing brows to make them look darker. However, for sculpting, defining a shape, it didn’t really work out because of the consistency of the gel and the brush is not equipped to give you the clean definition you want. Also, one the brow gel dried I was very conscious that I had something on my brows, it was the same feeling when your face-mask sets on your face. I found the process too time consuming, and made me nervous when applying knowing that it was semi-permanent.

• Eyebrow Powder Palettes
There is an extensive variety of brow power palettes on the market right now, from simple brown shades and a brush, to cute little kits that include brow shades, gel, tweezers etc. So in terms of application the powder helped fill in my brows and was a little better when trying to sculpt a shape but still not versatile enough to get a sleek, defined look. This process was less intimidating but still did take a bit of time to perfect.

• Eyebrow Pencil
Now when I talk about pencil here I don’t mean the pencil that resembles stationary. These look more like pens but have pencil consistency. So straight away, to look at, it doesn’t appear too complicated. So the way this works is that you work in reverse to the other products. You start by sculpting out your desired shape, thick or thin, which was very easy as the pencil I used was designed with an angled edge. My hand did slip once, mainly because I don’t naturally have a steady hand, but I was able to wipe it away quite easy with a cotton bud. Once I created the shape using the same pencil I just filled in the shape. The pencil I used also had a brush attached to one end that was superb, I used this at the end to brush down any stray hairs and blend and polish off my look. It was that simple. This process took the least time to apply and had the best results.

So that’s it, I hope this helps you find your perfect brow product. I have also provided a short tutorial on the winning product, to show you just how easy it is.

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  • laura anne on

    You’ve made your eyebrows look a lot thicker! :) x

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